Question by : What is the main difference between investing in stock market and gambling?
Lets say you buy some stocks and after a month or so your money gets doubled. Would you not morally feel bad about the money that you got from stock market without doing a thing? Would you feel it is similar to gambling? Can one say that just because there is some science behind stock market the money that some gets out of stock market is more legit?

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Answer by Len
Morally bad? Hardly, as I am not a Muslim. forbidden to accept interest fees and the like.

When I make profits, it results from very long, difficult hours of intense study to say nothing of depending upon myself—my intellect, instincts, education and many years of experiencing gained from putting things on the line every single day of my adult life, often at great risk.

I don’t owe a moral debt. There are many others who have benefited through my counsel. I ask for nothing from them as I’m happy to share what I can.

I break no laws, abuse nobody. I make no apologies because there are none due.

Is legitimacy derived of science? That’s like saying I’m guilty unless I can intellectually attribute my success to historically definable means. I give back much more than I receive from others and have no need to explain my moral attributions.

I never gamble anywhere on anything other than on my own intellectual and instinctive resources.

It is patently obvious you operate in a much more restrictive cultural environ.


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