Question by Hanna S: What is the name of the lifetime movie about a mother who becomes addicted to gambling?
It can’t be made any year after 2004.
A woman sells her son’s bike for money to gamble with.
What is the name of it?

Best answer:

Answer by William Y
Delta Burke plays a compulsive gambler, and Gerald McRaney her husband, as in real life, in “Going for Broke.” The film shows the step by step deterioration of a woman’s life when she starts betting at the local casino. She borrows from the foundation for which she works, borrows from family, and eventually gambles the grocery money. Even when she wins, she loses, because she can’t stop.

The story holds one’s interest and one can’t help but feel sorry and frustrated for the character as she digs herself in deeper and deeper, neglecting her children, husband, and job. The story is extra sad because, of course, this happens to people every day due to one addiction or another. GOING FOR BROKE!

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