Question by Dugifresh: Why are odds bets in craps a good bet?
When I am playing craps everyone says HEY make the odds bet on your pass line bet…..but…why? what is the difference between making an odds bet when the point is 9 then just putting money on lets say the 5? why are odds bets so good..i need a detailed reason…because i don’t understand it at all..i have read every website and they all just say that it lowers the house odds….i get that..but how is it any different then setting a bet on theoppsite side for the same amount…because at least your covering more numbers then? if i were to just put odds on the 9….then all i am doing is covering the 9…would wouldn’t i just set that same money on the 5 then i am covering two numbers? to odds bets have a better pay off then if you just set the money on the other number with the same odds…for example if the point is 10…instead of putting full odds on the pass line…just set those same bets on the 4…that way your at least covering 2 numbers instead of one…its the same pay off isn’t it?

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Because you can bet the whole table

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