Question by : Why can a 16-year-old play the National Lottery but cannot place a bet in a Bookmakers until they are 18?
I live in the United Kingdom, where a 16-year-old can legally purchase a lottery ticket. However, you can only go into a bookmaker and place a bet (on football for example) once you turn 18.

I’ve never understood this as you can bet the same amount of money on lottery tickets as you can in a bookies.

Does anybody know why this is? Thanks.

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Answer by pdq
Because UK is run by greedy politicians that don’t mind taxing poor, ignorant 16-year olds.


The majority of the planet doesn’t allow you to buy lottery tickets until you are 18. There is only one reason to allow 16-year olds to play – GREED! They know that most 16-year olds still don’t know the value of a pound. They also know that the brain of a 16-year old is MUCH more susceptible to addiction.

So let them buy lottery tickets! The brightest kids won’t play, because they will understand the truth – that buying these tickets is the WORST bet on the planet!

No problem! There are plenty of ignorant 16-year olds, and plenty more poor people. These folks don’t care how bad a bet a ticket is. If it gives them that imaginary dream that someday they will “strike it rich”, then they will continue pouring more money, (in terms of the percentage of their money), down the drain than ANY other class of people.

Greed, idiocy, and more greed. THAT is why the politicians in UK allow 16-year olds to buy lottery tickets. They shouldn’t.

You are proof of my point. Here you are, 16 years old. Throwing your money away on lottery tickets is already not good enough for you. No. Now you want to be a big punter, too.

Start picking out good strong cardboard. You’ll need a place to live someday.

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