Question by GRD: Why does the horse races betting site require you to be age 21 to create an account?
I really was looking forward to place bets, but then I realized it was age 21+ to create an account, which I find strange. Why is this so when the legal age for parimutuel betting is 18+ in the majority of the United States and other countries?
Couldn’t TVG simply allow people to sign up at 18+? Hell its even age 17 for parimutuel betting in the state of Illinois according to this government.pdf I am looking at now. Someone care to explain if they know why? Thanks.

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Answer by Hillbilly
these are the rules that were set up by TVG. They understand you can go to the track itself and bet when you are 18 or over, but on line wagers they want you to be 21.
Just one of their rules.
you might also check… for wagering purposes.

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