Question by xxhyeballa323: Why should the gambling age be lowered to 18?
My friend and I are working on a debate about why the gambling age should be lowered to 18. Please help us find good reasons to argue against our opponents (who say that the gambling age should stay at 21). We want to know how people can benefit if the gambling age is lowered to 18.

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Answer by -=A-|-A-|-A=-
it is lowered to 18, you can play online poker and gamble online when you’re 18…casino wise 21, but why?

its a game, and people are good at it, and i like playing poker, and it doesnt really matter, because people find ways of playing or gambling underage, i’ve personally gambled under the age of 18, and won, im trying to perfect my skills before im 18, and even 21, but the bad thing about it is, most people are immature when they are 18, or 21, and go ahead and lose everything they’ve worked for, it is most likely, when even grown up men do it, you can only imagine all the teens and idiots that are going to start losing (their parent’s) money

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