Do you think the government will legalize online gambling soon to help the economy?

November 18, 2013


Question by Jesse Ventura 2016!: Do you think the government will legalize online gambling soon to help the economy?
Why is it currently illegal to gamble online? Sources?

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Answer by red top
too many scams

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8 Responses to “Do you think the government will legalize online gambling soon to help the economy?”

  1. MartinWeiss Says:

    They’ll okay it eventually to get revenue. But that will not help the economy. It will just make more parasites that will need to be cared for by the nanny government.


  2. Hilda Says:

    People who have those sites don’t want to pay taxes. They set them up in other countries where they don’t have to pay taxes like in the USA. So if you win, they will not tell the USA how much money you got, if that ever actually happens. At this point you are pretty much just gambling with a bookie that is out of the country. There illegal because it’s the same as a underground bookie operation. For it to be legal, it would take all the profit out of it and most likely, these people would have no interest in having a legal online gambling site. I mean they would have to pay taxes, fees and let you win even if they would rather not. It would be worst than selling car insurance in a ice storm


  3. rowlfe Says:

    In the USA, the problem is legal regulation. In a brick and mortar business, the state gaming people can examine the machines to determine if the house is cheating. In electronic gambling, there is no way to determine if the game is “fair”. There is nothing to stop online gambling personnel from rigging the game and no way to find out if the game you are playing is rigged. Take Blackjack for example. How would you know if the electronic deck of cards they are using really had all 4 aces? Or even HAD the regulation 52 cards with 4 suits of 13 cards? There is nothing to stop the programmer from rigging the deck so there is only 1 ace available at any one time. In the USA, the gaming commission examines the programming which is hardwired into ROM, by the way, to make sure things like weighting the deck by removing a few critical cards does not happen. THAT is the crux of the problem, how do know the game is FAIR? With the aces, the odds from a full deck is 1 in 13 that the first card drawn is an ace, but if they took out 3 cards, 3 of the 4 aces, your odds drop to 1 in 49 that the next card will be an ace. Does that seem FAIR to you? Would you play a rigged game with only 49 cards? They could hide the fact by using a “shoe” of 4-49 card decks, where instead of 4 aces of each suit, they kept only 1 ace of each suit. That way, you would see an ace of each suit once in a while and but not notice how rare an ace turned up WAS while in play. It would be exactly like playing with loaded dice! With the house doing the loading!


  4. Cashmire Helene Abdul Aziz Says:

    I think not,,,,, If they do so then it is not fun to gamble anymore…

    Gambling is fun and It is because it is not legal…

    The old once said, what’s illegal is a pleasure experience to do.


  5. Richie B Says:

    I would say legalizing hemp should come first, next Marijuana, then online gambling.


  6. Iphone Four Says:

    If online gambling will be legalized, the thrill will be lessen..

    Yet if its illegal, it would be too risky… rules!!!


  7. Kribs Stole Says:

    I hope it wont be, coz it wont really help..

    Yet it still depends on the punter and how he handles gambling responsibility.
    :) cheers!


  8. flameofrecca Says:

    hey!! dont you know the saying…
    illegal is fun… :) hahah
    but I think people do gabling just to have fun and relax
    from hard work and busy day..
    its just the way they release their stress..
    just I think.. :)


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