Is gambling a sin in Christianity/Catholicism?

June 19, 2014


Question by Vic: Is gambling a sin in Christianity/Catholicism?
My friend and I are having a small debate on whether gambling is a sin or not. I mentioned the lottery and the stock market. He believes they are sins. Any answers?

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Answer by Bell Sound
Who cares?

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9 Responses to “Is gambling a sin in Christianity/Catholicism?”

  1. Captain Rex Says:

    well yes, but we all gamble a couple times in our lives.


  2. Pastor Art (((SFECU))) Says:

    Yes in Christianity.

    No in Catholicism with its bingo games.

    The lottery is gambling.

    The stock market is investing.


  3. Eric L K Says:

    Excessive and irresponsible gambling is a sin. Having fun over a few fives is not though.

    Catholicism is a form of Christianity, you basically just said fruit/banana.

    EDIT: Our bingo games? Wait, seriously lol! EVIL DAMNED SINNERS PLAYIN’ DAT DERE BINGO


  4. Barthayn Says:

    According to Christianity, no. However, one should exercise self-control because gambling may ruin your life. As a result, one should gamble with money they can afford to lose, and not view it as a source of income.


  5. seasaltisland Says:

    Why would it be a sin? We aren’t killing each other…


  6. Krishnamurthy Venkatasubramanyam Says:

    Gambling is in like card playing horse race etc and even loto, because people spend so much of money on them and lost every thing. But trading in shares requires your skill the moment the price of a share goes up you sell it immediately. but if you weight for further rise of the vale because your greediness you will lose. IT IS A SIN IN EVERY RELIGION NOT ONLY TO CHRISTIANITY ALONE, EVEN IF IT NOT INCLUDED IN THE SCRIPTURES YOU CAN INCLUDED IT NOW.


  7. DaDe Says:

    not really as long as you don’t go overboard with your gambling, it doesn’t hurt to do a little gambling


  8. Eclectic Heretic Says:

    Catholic christians are partial to bingo. The lottery is gambling, but a lot of people (christians included) do play it. The stock market is a serious gamble unless you are already filthy rich. The odds are stacked against the little guy. Is gambling a sin? Of course not. People were gambling long before the idea of “sin” was ever invented.
    All religions are a gamble. Since you cannot prove any “god” exists (or does not exist), you could just as easily spend your whole life worshiping the wrong one.
    Blessings on your Journey!


  9. Hornshooter Says:

    The biggest sin is gambling with your soul. Watching 90% of tv shows that are suggestive, filthy talking, letting your kids freely go on obscene computer sites, Freely letting the liberal educators fill your children with lies, voting for those who support abortion, or turn away from the issue. All these and more are the biggest gamble you will take. Lose your soul because of indifernce, and you will not get another chance.


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