Question by Nicole V.: Anyone find it odd that Charles Christ in Florida is allowing for more gambling to gain money?
Our prisons are overloaded and rather than looking at lessening the people there to save money, Charles Christ is getting it from the Native Americans by allowing them to open more gambling sites? I thought gambling was illegal but I guess it’s okay if the state needs money? Because you know it’s going to hurt the people with gambling problems and I’m sure some of the people in prison are there for gambling.

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Answer by Mike
So, just to get this straight… you would rather they let a % of the prison population go, possibly to commit the same crimes again as opposed to letting the Indian population open a few casinos, increasing their revenue, helping their population with the added influx of cash and assisting in the tax revenue of the state?

No brainer here… keep the felons in jail. If I don’t want to gamble, I won’t go there.

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