Question by Hello2u: Best way to get free drinks in vegas while gambling?
I usually go to vegas from a Wed to Saturday night. I love to gamble all day at inexpensive places. What hotels or places are the best places to play and get lots of free drinks? And what time is the best go during the day and during the week?

What experiences do you have?

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Answer by jack
If you’re gambling the drinks are free, it does not matter, table games or slots.

Tip the cocktail waitress per drink. You will not have an empty glass for long.

I prefer the small to mid size casinos. The Orleans, Main Street Station, Silverton & Fiesta. Another place I like to play(video poker) is the sports book at the LV Hilton.

The drink service probably is quicker during the day, Monday through Friday.

If you prefer you can sit right at the bar. The bartenders are happy to dole out free drinks, just don’t forget to tip them as well. Try the Alligator bar at the Orleans.


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