Question by William M: Can spread betting make you a millionaire quickly?
I want to know in your opinion if spread betting can make you a millionaire quickly as I heard that in a week, from a book, the naked trader, someione turned their £9,000 into £220,000. What do you say here like? Please answer to earn 5 star best answer. Thanks.

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Answer by Bibs
If there was a way to make a million quickly, every one would soon be doing it and the competition would destroy the big mark-up. If it were so easy to make a million, why is the author not doing it himself. People who discover a way to make a great amount of money, do it themselves and keep it a secret. Once everyone else finds out, everyone will try it, and the competition will reduce the opportunity. The author of the book is trying to make a million on the book. A few years back, a Hungarian gentleman and his wife were a professional dance team who performed around the world. He wrote a book on how he made millions of dollars in the stock market using system. The book made him a million dollars. Two years later the news came out that the book was a fraud. He couldn’t have made the transactions he claimed. And so it goes. Read a really good book on investing. Try the classic “The Intelligent Investor.” It worked for billionaire investor Warren Buffett.

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