Question by jon67cj5: Do you believe that gambling is a disease or an addiction?
Gambling is something that I enjoy, mostly online. When in a real casino, I am more reserved. At a casino, I have only so much to spend, but while online I can by ,000 in chips and think nothing about spending it and have done it. I do not gamble anymore because of my losses, but have hit winnings of ,000 with one spin of the roulette wheel. It makes me think I will win again, but I really know I won’t.

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Answer by lynn
I would have to say that it is an addiction. Because when you play and keep thinking that you can win and win that is an addictio when you keep on wanting more and more. A disease is something different and does not give off that feeling of having to do it again and again. If you are looking to stop the habit of gambling it won’t be esay I suggest going to the doctors or having supportive friends that ARE NOT into gambling help you stop and give you other ideas of things to do. It is very hard to break the habit just like smoking.

I wish you the best of luck.

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