Question by Tony: Does anyone know how to bet horse racing ?
I would like to know about how to bet on horse racing. It’s my first time to do this. Would you mind giving me some hourse racing beting rules ?

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Answer by nathanvise
The basic wagers you can make on horse races are the same at the track, in the casino race books and at off track betting sites. Understanding the different wagers and how they pay off will make you feel comfortable walking up to the window to place your bets.
Straight bets are the most popular bets made on horse races and the account for most money bet on a horse race by the average bettor. Usually the bets at the track are made in .00 increments. The bets are:
WIN: If your selection finishes first you collect the amount of the Win payoff.
PLACE: If your selection finishes first or second you collect the amount of the Place payoff.
SHOW: If your selection finished first second or third you collect the amount of the Show pay off.
ACROSS-THE –BOARD:This is when you want to bet a selection to Win, Place and Show. Instead of making three separate wages you combine them on one ticket. A minimum bet of .00 “across the board” will cost you .00. If your selection wins you collect the combined amount of the three Win, Place and Show payoffs. If your section comes in second you collect the combined amount of the Place and Show payoffs. If your selection comes in third you win the amount of the show pay off.
b]Exotic Bets
Exacta: This wager requires picking two horse to come in first and second in a single race in the exact order. Most players betting an exacta will box the bet to cover the possibility of the two horses coming finishing in the opposite order.
Quinella: This wager is similar to the Exacta because you pick two horses to finish first and second but they do not have to finish in the exact order.
Trifecta: This wager requires picking three horses in a single race to finish in the exact order. Many tracks will let you place Trifecta bets in one dollar increments.
The Box
Boxing your selection gives you more of a chance to win. The term “Box” is used when you want to cover every possible way to win. Boxing your selection requires making multiple bets and requires more money. For instance it you bet a two dollar exacta on Horses number 4 to finish first and number 6 to finish second but you also want to cover in case horse 6 finishes first and horse 4 finishes second you would box the exacta and pay another so the box bet would cost .00.

If you bet three horses in a one dollar Trifecta and want to box them so you would win if they finish first, second and third in any order it would cost you .00 for the box.

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