Question by Gladys: From a senior citizen’s perspective, what is there to do in Las Vegas besides gambling?
I’m bringing some comfortable shoes, but I’m not up for doing a lot of walking. I guess we’ll take in a buffet and a show in the evening. But as far as sight seeing, etc., what are some other activities that will entertain while visiting Las Vegas. Wish me luck, because I do plan on doing some gambling!
Oh my, I’m getting so excited reading all of these responses! I may even be one of those little old ladies playing the slot machines!

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Answer by Logical Pessimist
-Freemont Street Experience Light Show
-Bellagio Water Show
-Treasure Island Pirate Show
-MGM Lion Habitat
-Mirage Volcano Show
-Circus Circus Acrobat Show
-M&M Factory (Most Expensive M&M’s on the Planet, though walking through the 4 floors is something to see)

The above are all free that I know of. Just found this link with 100 things to see in vegas, not sure how old it is but I am sure some of the attractions are still around.

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