Question by thaxtontyler: Gambling?????????????????
when i grow up should i be a gambler because when me and my friends were playing poker by the way i am 13 just to let you know OK so back to the poker game me and my friends are filthy rich so my mom gave me a million dollars and they also had $ 1,000,000,000 and we played and i won and it was not poker chips it was real money s\and i beat them both so what should i do
whoops sorry i typed in 13 im actually 12 sorry i was not looking
poker runs in my family i was taught at 5 years old by my grand father and he won a poker championship and i just want to know if i should carry on the family tradition i mean i am not sure because what if i win and what if i loose that is just what im asking for because when im 14 my grandfather ( my grand father taught me because my dad died before i was born) is going to put me in a poker thing and i know i was taught by the best back then but it has been 7 years and i barley remember the only way i remember is from playing with friends or him so i just want your opinion

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Answer by pdq
Who are you fooling? You are 12. You said so earlier when you posted this same question.

You are too young to use this forum, and you are too young to understand that people who gamble, lose.

Don’t quit school, man. Gambling is not a career choice for you.

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