Question by Kelly S: Gambling Problem?
I’m 24 and I have gambling issue…. Seeking help… I lost my mind… I gamble to the point I don’t have nothing left…. I over draft my bank…. use credit card…. pay check … payday loan… name it… I don’t know whats gone into me. I’m about to lose my car because due to my gambling problem. Use the money to gamble but can’t pay my car. I don’t understand myself. I need help… I admit………..

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Answer by Mr. Luva Luva
Gamblers Anonymous my friend. Look up the number here on Yahoo and get involved.
Or learn to be a better gambler and win more often. People tell me I have a gambling problem but I win almost every time I hit the casinos or when I bet on sports. I think it is only a problem when you are losing.
But anyway, call GA and get the help you need. Good luck!

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