Question by Timothy Andrews: gambling vs. not gambling?
i want to start a business that uses custom interior designed IGT slot machines that players deposit coins and they go into a seperate collection container, and when the player wins, a different hopper will drop the player a predetermined amount of custom designed aluminum tokens which can be mailed to a processing center for prizes such as Ipod Touch, Ipad, Gift Cards etc.

Under California Laws, would this be constituted as Gambling or Not, Because under National Gambling Regulations, Gambling constitutes placing a bet with money & upon winning, getting money in return. However, for a company that offers metal tokens with no cash value that can be redeemed in the same manner to that as like coca cola where they encourage consumers to purchase their products by offering “Rewards Codes” to be redeemed for merchandise.

So would my business idea for California be Construed Under California Law as Gambling or Entertainment / Arcade Game.

If You cite California Laws, Please Provide Cite Numbers or Federal Supreme Court Decisions of this nature, to support your response.

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Answer by Mark Tyler
waste of cash gambling, its just a thing that people dofor a thrill, this means that you may as well save up:o

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