Grand Theft Auto 4 Walkthrough / Playthrough / Let’s Play by Lavender Storm Liking the Playthrough? Stay up to date by subscribing! GTA 4 Walkthrough / Playthrough / Let’s Play – “It’s Your Call” This is the second episode of the GTA 4 (GTA IV) Playthrough where we complete mission #2: “It’s Your Call”. In this mission we are introduced to Vlad. A guy that Roman owes money too (and also a MASTER OF SEDUCTION – One word… Malorie). Also, we see Roman go on a gambling spree when he’s already in debt… That’s noobie… Basically, we are on the lookout to see if people that Roman owes debts too are there. Unfortunately a group of “lone sharks’ come and out we spend the whole mission running away from them like pussies… If you liked the GTA 4 (GTA IV) Gameplay / Commentary, please leave a like, favorite, comment and BE SURE TO SUBSCRIBE TO STAY TUNED FOR MORE EPISODES! GTA 4 Show: Links to Social Networking: Twitter: Facebook: My Channel:
Video Rating: 4 / 5

PlayList {Biography} Filia was once just an average schoolgirl, but one day woke up without any memories and a second mouth on the back of her head. She was now playing host to a Parasite named Samson, an unruly mop of demonic hair with incredible power. With no memories or anyone to turn to for help, if she ever hopes to piece together her past and survive the inevitable clash with the Skullgirl, Filia will need to trust this mysterious being. Age: 16 Birthday: March 18 Bloodtype: AB Height: 5′ 4 Weight: 142 lbs. Measurements: 34C-26-39 Likes: Eating, Coffee, Milkshakes, Reading and learning, Radio dramas, Comics, Romance novels, Dogs Dislikes: Samson’s bluffing and gambling, Seeing innocents get hurt, Hair getting tangled, Being lied to, Side-effects of Samson’s parasitism
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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