Question by : He is going to gamble?
Ok this guy and I been dating since nye. Last night him and his friends , me and my friends partied at my place. We havent had sex yet. we were cuddling and all that, but then I started to get shivers and felt like im going to have flu. Of course a day before I wasnt feeling good but forced myself to get up nd see him. Today, im having flu. My temperture 101. I txtd my bf that im hving flu, goin to take a medcine and take a nap. I told him, its the weekend nd I want to see u tonight, he goes ok, try feeling better. 5 hours later, which is now, I called him. He asked me how I feel, I said im fine now but rly I wasnt. He goes, what this fast? I said yea, I tried my best to feel better. He asked me what im goin to do tonight, I said idk. He goes, im goin to my friends house to gamble, I might win money or loose blah blah. I said okey welk have fun, ttyl he goes ok bye. Is he really goin to gamble when I literly told him I want to see you tonight? He didnt even invite me, understand ita prob bunch of guys but u never knew… I dont kno what to do…

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Answer by Bryan
Ok…your sick you said so’ve been “dating” for almost a week..why ate you making a big deal out of him going out when you can’t?

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