Question by James: How can an Underage person make a 6-7 figure bet in las Vegas?
Hello, I am 19 and I want to make a big bet at M Resort on an upcoming sporting event, but You need to be 21 to gamble in Vegas. Is there any way I can make a bet? I was thinking of giving someone the money and them making the bet for me, but that would get confusing with gift tax and taxes from a win, and I don’t think i would win anything in the end.

Thank you.

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Answer by TB
I think you have a couple of options. First you get a family member over 21 or someone you extremely trust to make the bet for you. Work something out in advance, like they will get 00 if you win for example. Second you could forget about the M resort and place the bet on an online sportsbook where you only have to be 18 to place bets.

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