Question by Harry M: How do bookmakers determine the odds?
Like, for example, how are they so certain that Alexandra from Big Brother has a 125-1 odd of winning, and a 4-5 odd of getting booted this Friday? Is it just by doing a survey?

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Answer by tatehill2000
determining Odds for anything,,, I mean Anything, is based entirely on Attempting to split bets 50-50.

so in the attempt to do that with your big brother show, they just watch the show, and guess at what would be a good number, as you watch dont you KINDOF know who will get voted out?? well that person is going to be a HIGH ODDs.

with NFL and NBA and Bases, they use a few formulas to find that number,,,

again, the whole attempt is for them to set the odds to SPLIT the betting equally,,,

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