Question by svtouchdown0909: How does gambling effect a community financially or communally?
I realize the matters of crimes dealing with casinoes and gambling, but there are other reasons why gambling hurts a community and the financials to a community. Please do not give me a yes or no answer, but give me an open-ended question.

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Answer by assmouth p
well there’s jobs. if the govenrment’s running the casino the jobs are union and the pay is better

but poor people are gonna go there, drop their welfare money in the slot machine. then there’s the hookers hanging around.

in montreal best idea they had was putting the casino on an island. you can take the train, or drive out there. if they put it downtown like they want to, it’s going to be this constant temptation for the people that live around there

and that was never the idea. we built the casino saying more tourists would come. it wasn’t so we could make money off the people here.

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