Question by Stud Muffin: How to make someone pay up their bet money?
I always pay my bets that I lose (only lost once though 🙂 and I ususally only bet or . Anyways my friend bet me and LOST (this was the first time I bet him I have other friends that pay), and he STILL hasnt paid me. Another friend bet me and also hasnt paid yet, and thinks “he doesnt have to pay”. Before I made each of these bets, I shook hands with these people and told them I would pay if I lost (which I would) and they would have to pay and both said yes. How do I make them pay because it’s frustrating how if they win they get paid but if they lose they don’t pay?

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Answer by Colin
Maybe relevant, maybe not, but in the UK, last time I heard anything about betting, it’s only a question of a person’s honour, there’s no legal rights.
So you could challenge them to a duel (kidding), or kind of question their honesty, in a way that is just enough to sting their conscience (if they have any) without being downright mean.
You don’t need the money, this is to do with feelings, yours and theirs. So be careful. You are entitled to expect people to pay what they owe, if they don’t it is disrespecting you, but don’t get anyone upset. Not too badly upset, anyway.

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