Conversation 5 of 7 with Alan Howling Laud Hope, leader of the Official Monster Raving Loony Party. Keef Trouble talks with Alan Hope about OMRLP policies and membership. Mr Hope has been leader of the OMRLP since 1999, following the death of Screaming Lord Sutch. Laud Hope says: “Many of our ideas and policies first ridiculed for being loony or just plain daft have now become the law of the land. Voting at the age of 18, all day opening of pubs, and pet passports, were first put forward by members of our party”. Official Monster Raving Loony Party web site: Music by kind permission of Chris Dowling and Nutfinder http The OMRLP is supported by the involvement of William Hill PLC through Graham Sharpe. Some OMRLP policies: The creation of a Moat Cleaning Council to ensure that all moat cleaning is performed in accordance with all current EU and Elf and Safety standards. The creation of a Regional Duck House Development Council to ensure that all duck house architecture is consistent with heritage and avoiding monstrous carbuncles. A return to basics in edukashun, and to the three Rs: reeding, riting and rock ‘n’ roll. To reduce class sizes by making the pupils sit closer together by issuing them with smaller desks. To ask the tooth fairy to bring back all the good teeth and stop the rot in dental services. Those who break the law will be made to mend it. Any child found breaking an Auntie Social Behaviour Order will be sent to

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