Question by mina: If animals slained in sports is wrong, then how about gambling or buying big-sweep?
I was told that horse-racing contributed to many gambling industry.

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Answer by Margastar
Well generally speaking buying a sweepstake ticket or gambling with inanimate objects doesn’t involve pain, injury, bloodshed or death. Horse racing definitely contributes to gambling and in the course of these races accidents occur which result often in death or injury to horse &/or rider. I was at the Melbourne Cup one year and a horse fell during the race and had to be put down, on the spot. It was so sad. All because of gambling and people losing and making BIG bucks. If one thinks gambling is evil, then the lesser of the two would be the lottery ticket. Gambling in any form can ruin lives. Horses are the innocent ones. You’ll never get rid of horse racing, it’s been around for a long time.

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