Question by Oyeloca Oyeloca: Intelligent people can earn money by gambling?
┬┐Intelligent people can earn money by gambling?
Very often I hear that those who gamble lose their money, they are addicts, and they will lose everything. But I wonder: does IQ have any say in this? Could a very bright person win money by gambling at the casino, or sporting competitions?

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Answer by chris b
not really, not even smart people can beat the overall house odds, they might win a few times, but overall the house always wins.. that is why people do not gamble professionally, unless it is poker, because then you are not playing against the house, you are playing against the other players..

Even a card counter can lose because they still do not know exactly what the next card will be be.. it doesn’t take skill or IQ due to it is the roll of the dice or the shuffle of the deck.. if you bet correctly you might be able to come out ahead, but intelligence really has nothing to do with winning at all.

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