Question by Dave G: internet bookmakers?
(uk only please) What’s the most comprehensive internet bookmakers around? I just play with small money for fun and use Victor Chandler and Eurobet but i find that there are many relatively big events that are not covered. For example, there’s a pretty big boxing match tonight (Antonio Margarito v Paul Williams) and neither of those sites have even recognized it. I want a bookie that gives me a chance to bet on all sporting events.

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Answer by A_Skywalker I
Hi, Betfair is an UK company and its the biggest exchange betting in the world. IT works in a different way. You play against the money of other people registered in that site. That makes the odds better than bookies and more fair and easier to make money if you are good. Also when you sign up you enter this code ANGMRGLHE Its for 50$ bonus (or the equivalent in your currency)You receive t he bonus after you stake a total of 100$ and more bonuses later depending on your betting activity.

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