Question by William M: Is following the medium-long term trend the best way to spread bet currencies?
I just have a curious question on spread betting the foreign exchange markets or forex and if the best way to trade it is by following the medium-term to long-term trend, i.e. a few weeks to a few months? Is this the best way to trade it as this is what I did with my practice account and gained 426% in 2 weeks? Is this the best way to go about it as I know currencies usually trend long-term? Please help/advise. Thanks.

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Answer by guidfarr
There is no definite timeframe – some traders trade on a short timeframe, others like me prefer to take advantage of long term trends lasting for weeks/months. What is important is that you have a system and are sufficiently disciplined to stick with it. As for gaining 426% in 2 weeks on your practice account it implies that you are taking very big risks and you would probably trade differently when hard money is on the line…

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