Question by : Is playing poker gambling for everyone who plays it?
The argument is that it is a game of skill for those who choose to play the game skillfully. In my opinion, maybe at a full amateur table there are 7 out of 9 gambling and 2 out of 9 playing skillfully, then at a full pro table there are 2 out of 9 gambling and 7 out of 9 playing skillfully. So it depends on the way that you play. Certainly in the short run luck determines the outcome, but in the long run skill probably determines >89.9% the outcome. The question remains, however, is playing poker skillfully still gambling?

The argument against it being called gambling for everyone who plays it is that if you are a winning player you are not risking any money because in the long run you will come out ahead and especially if you do not play any games that you cannot afford to lose it is >89.9% skill over the course of a lifetime.

The argument for it being considered gambling for everyone is that you are risking money every time you sit down at a poker table and it is therefore gambling.

I prefer the first explanation not only because I am an avid poker player, but because I have seen the poker pros make it look like a game of skill or otherwise explicitly argue that skill is the factor determining who wins in the long run. What are your thoughts?

By the way, the reason I ask is because although I was born Christian, I am interested in other faiths and religions, and the Bahá’í Faith as well as the Islamic religion both prohibit gambling. I have certainly gambled in the past by playing dice or war or slots, and I know that I have been forgiven for these ignominies. What about poker? Gambling for none? Gambling for some? Gambling for all?

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Answer by Amar Alam
Well technically gambling is the betting of money in a game of chance. If you are playing just for fun then it is not gambling. But any game be it one with cards or dice or even a simple bet on a sports game or something among friends is considered gambling. Everything is admissible if money doesn’t change hands. You can bet dares etc but if cash or anything with a monetary value is at stake it is officially gambling. Play poker without the bets and you aren’t gambling.

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