Question by Ms. Minerva: Is Prince Charles considering opening gambling Casinos in his Duchy?
The Grimaldis discovered that a gambling casino was a very good way to bring in tourist money and gambling revenue to add to the coffers of their Principality…..Charles is so smart, and certainly is always looking for good sources of income.

Do you think he will consider creating a “gambling mecca” in either the Duchy of Corwall or Lancaster….to create revenue to keep up the Palaces, and pay Royal Family expenses.
Asked a question, did not insult Charles in any way. So many are criticizing Royals for expenditure…and Charles is one of the world’s most generous philanthropists.

Question had to do with whether or not Charles could consider a new type of income from gambling in the Duchy of Cornwall….as the Grimaldis did in Monaco.

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Like the Grimaldis….the income from the casino could be used by the royals as the Civil List is now used…and the Civil List eliminated entirely.

That way, he will have gone a long way towards eliminating entirely the criticisms (and lots of the complaints from anti-royalists) about the Civil List and the cost of “keeping up the monarchy”.

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Answer by Ray W
And if he was to open up a legal establishment on land that he owns, administered by people he employs and take the profit from said establishment to pay for the upkeep of his own “palaces” then why is there a problem with that?

Or are you complaining about the amount of money that his mother gets from the Civil List?

In that case let`s look at a couple of facts.

The Civil List expenditure for 2009 was £14.2 Million.

The amount of money that the Queen and Royal family bring in to this country is incalculable but I imagine it is far in excess of £14.2 Million.

Of course the Republicans who do not like the Royal family will all say that the tourists would come anyway so lets look at some cold hard facts.

The Civil List is granted to the Monarch of the United Kingdom to pay their expenses.
In return for the Civil List the Monarch allows the Government of the Day to have the income from the Crown Estates.

Income from the Crown Estates in 2009 was £231.2 Million
Civil List to the Queen was 14.2 Million

So. If we take the £14.2 Million away from the Queen we LOSE the £231.2 Million from the Crown Estates.

Net LOSS 217 Million.

Any more Royal Family Haters who want to be made to look stupid?

Edit. If Charles was to open a Casino and use the money thereby gained to repace the Civil List the republicans would just find something else to have a go about..

Such as how Charles` casino is encouraging poor people to gamble, how little money he pays the staff, how the extra heating that people demand is harming the health of the Pink Spotted Wallaby in Tasmania.

Absolutely anything as long as they can spend their sad little lives complaining how no-one ever gave them a break and thats why they have such sad little lives.


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