Question by : Is sports interaction a good online sports betting site?
I have won a decent amount of money over a 2 month period betting at sports interaction. I have not tried to cash anything out yet but i was wondering if anyone else has ever used them are they are pretty good site? I did somer research on them I no they had some issues while back just curious if any one has any input on them?

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Answer by Scotty
They are a good sportsbook when it comes to cashing out. They may ask you for some ID on your first cash out but you don’t have to worry about getting your money. The only thing not so good about them is that their lines have a lot of juice otherwise they are ok. I believe they have a B- SBR rating which is fairly good. You can check out the rating for any sportsbook here:
If you are looking for an A rated sportsbook I would recommend SportBet.
More info on them here:

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