Question by asuku t: Is stock trading technically a form of gambling?
This game always favors those in control of the stock rather than ordinary investors.
Today they decide the stock is up and tomorrow it is down.
These master gamblers are super rich while ordinary investors are loosing their money.
Is stock trading not a gambling affairs?
What exactly are we buying apart from the speculations of the stock traders?
Just lost 20 k and not sure to whom?
Should anyone still be buying these people’s speculations?

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Answer by stephenweinstein
You lost it to whomever sold the stock that you bought.

No one is really in control. No one decides which days the stock goes up and which days it goes down.

The “master” investors/speculators who have the most influence/control are not getting rich. Many of them have lost millions, or even billions, in the last year. If you only lost ,000, you are doing better than they are.

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