Question by Houyhnhnm: Is there a legal way to bet on sports in the US outside of Nevada?
Does the ban on Internet gambling in the US include betting on sports? And do any casinos take bets on sports outside of Nevada? I’m not counting gambling sports like horse racing and dog racing.

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Answer by SportsBettingInsights
It’s a pretty tricky question, but for the most part, Nevada is the only state that offers legalized sports betting (although Delaware does offer parlay cards at this time as well). However, as you probably know, the internet offers many online sportsbooks where you can bet. While the actual wagering on the games is “legal”, the transfer of funds to an offshore sportsbook is what is considered “illegal.”

I put those in quotes because it really is such a gray area at this time. However, there are many quality sportsbooks that offer the opportunity to wager on sports. Millions of individuals have been participating in it within the US for years, but again the actual transfer of funds to an offshore book does violate US policy at this time…but again it’s up to you. I won’t say one way or the other.

However, if you’re looking for help in choosing a reputable/quality sportsbook, I would suggest you check out . This will give you some good information in what to look for if you decide to go that route. Best of luck.

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