Question by Cesar G: Its illegal online gambling in USA?
I’m thinking about a Sport gambling website, but i don’t know if is against the law

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Answer by Phusion P
Okay so. The actual act of gambling and placing a bet is not illegal.
It is, however, illegal to take bets on sporting events.
Additionally, it is illegal for banks to transfer money to online gambling institutions.

So whereas you could legally place a bet, even on a sporting event, it is illegal for anybody to actually take your bet on said sporting event. Additionally, there would be nearly no method by which you could fund your online gambling.

As a result, many online gambling institutions have ceased to provide real-money gambling for US based customers.

It could, in theory, be possible to use a third party intermediary to bypass the regulations, but the legality of such methods is dubious at best.

In short: while not TECHNICALLY illegal, it is so impractical as to effectivley be illegal.

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