Question by : Kentucky Derby betting online – which legal gambling site is best for Kentucky Derby betting?
I’ve bet with the shady sportsbooks before. No thanks. I heard there are some legal wagering sites with Kentucky Derby betting and some of them are track-owned and licensed in the USA. Which one of these sites is best for 2012 Kentucky Derby betting online.

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Answer by Go Vikes!
I agree. It is so hard to get money in and out of the offshore sportsbooks these days and I don’t trust them.

I’m betting on the Kentucky Derby tomorrow over the internet at a site called Twin Spires. They are owned by Churchill Downs, the track hosting tomorrow’s Kentucky Derby. They are legal and licensed in the USA and it’s easy to deposit and withdrawal. They also give a 0 signup bonus plus free handicapping tools and live video simulcasting over the internet. I think they are the best site for US-based horse bettors.

Here is the link to Twin Spires where you can claim your signup bonus and get squared away for Kentucky Derby Day:

Good luck on the race. Which horse are you betting on in the big race?

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