Sajjan and Shakti indulge in a card game with friends. Sajjan taunts Sumitra by talking about betting her in the game. Kesar is offended when Shakti talks to Sajjan about betting her in the card game too. Komal celebrates Diwali with Adarsh and his family. Tanmay bursts crackers with Arushi. Ganga is afraid that Pratigya will reveal her affair to Sajjan. She gives poison to Saranga and tells him that if they cannot live together then they should take their life together before Sajjan could get to them.
Video Rating: 0 / 5 Three players limped into the pot on Poker After Dark TV show. Phil Ivey is sticking around with 75o but with position as his main weapon. This hand reveals the reality of how important position is in No limit Holdem. The flop is looking dangerous with two aces on the board. Everything is going wrong in this hand for Tom Dwan who ends up folding the best hand. Ivey is just calling – playing mental insecurities of Patrick Antonius and Tom Dawn who both have to bluff holding weak hands and being out of position. Finally Antonius is folding on the river to a well timed bet by Ivey. Watch the chit-chat after the hand has ended. – Dwan is asking silly questions, Antonius has realized that pot was taken away from him. Ivey with a happy smile remaks that one has to avoid losing focus while involved in a poker hand.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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