NEW RULES: Please read the New Rules below before submitting your teams for the next match! GameChap and Bertie are on a Fan-Made Map – the Golden Ampitheatre – for another thrilling Clay Soldiers war; this time a Sub Match between four armies chosen by you, our subscribers! Which formidable army shall emerge victorious? PLUS – read the Battle Fort rules below for a chance to see your own army entered against that of another subscriber, right here on GameChap’s channel! Capital show! NEW BATTLE FORT RULES Instructions: Make an army based on the below rules. Armies shall be chosen from the comments section to enter battle against each other in a GameChap video! Tally ho! 1) Each army has 64 soldiers. 2) All soldiers are allowed a stick and piece of armour. 3) Each army can have one King, but this is optional. 4) Upgrades cost points. You can spend up to 64 points on your army. The costs are: -) Flint: 16 pts. -) Cloth: 16 pts. -) Horse: 4 pts. each -) Gold Ingot: 0 pts. -) Gunpowder: 4 pts. each (max 1) -) Porkchop: 4 pts. each -) Iron Ingot: 2 pts. each -) Gravel Block: 4 pts. each -) Slime: 1 pt. each -) Redstone: 4 pts. each -) Sugar: 1 pt. each -) Glowstone: 0 pts. each 5) Item Descriptions -) Flint: Your soldiers craft sharper sticks for increased melee damage. -) Cloth: Allows your men to use wool padding, giving them better armor. -) Horse: A trusty steed who grants increased speed and armor to his rider. -) Gold Ingot: Use this to crown a king! Your soldiers will
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