The RebateWager Pick-3 Chick Search went down last week in Costa Rica, where three SBR posters were flown down by RebateWager to be judges. In this first vid in the series, we meet the three posters as they prepare to judge the swimsuit competition What doyou think? Leave your comments below and SUBSCRIBE to our channel to receive the latest videos. Want more info? Visit the latest betting news. Join us NOW: Facebook: Twitter: Place your bets at: Bookmaker: 5Dimes: Bodog: BetJamaica: DSI: Outside of the US bets: Pinnacle:
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Let’s play Technic Minecraft! In this episode we create an automatic bookmaker! Johannes Gutenberg would be proud! ( We also decide to hold off on Equivelant Exchange, at least for the time being, and discuss plans for an Airship dwelling. Technic Pack Install Guide: Romecraft Texture Pack: I didn’t catch these while filming, but did you catch… — Endergame as a potential reference to Ender’s Game, especially given the talk about books? — That I totally didn’t explain why I was on peaceful (It’s so that creepers don’t interrupt me while explaining/designing stuff)? — That when I said 1 or 2 episodes a day I meant an episode every 1 or 2 days? (Alright, maybe you couldn’t have known that… :P) Remember to subscribe to help our village grow! Also do give me any texture pack / amount of content shown / turning off rain and making it day / sugarcane farm desig feedback in the comments below. 🙂
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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