Well known old tamil movie hero Muthuraman starred as hero,Sujatha,Jai Ganesh,Senthamarai,Pandari Bai all are co-actor in this movie. Muthuraman sacrifices his love for Jai Ganesh. Jai Ganesh gets into gambling and drinking after marriage,and he is thrown from home. He runs to city and becames a singer and high profile man.There is twist in this movie,Double action of Sujatha make chaos in the plot.Mentally retarded Sujatha with his brother Venniradai Murthy exchanges their respective place and in climax it throws the light on truth and everyone is enlightened. Family melodrama directed by Vittal.Music by Mellisai Mannar MSV Ennakku Oru Kadhali Irrukindral hit song from this movie penned by Kannadasan.

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