We definitely have too many cases and not enough time. That poker game fucked everything up. Our flawless record is in serious peril. Fuck. We go for the “Art Appreciation” case first and come across a dumbfuck that needs money before he will agree to not stay and die. We oblige. After that, we go for the “Gambling Man” in the casino, yet another dumbfuck that wants money. We get back to the safehouse with our haul of survivors, and avert the mutiny. Success. NOTE: You may have noticed an occasional drop in framerate. I blamed it on the game, but my hard drive was actually the cause. It is fixed eventually. CosmicContrarian and I play the campaign/story mode of Dead Rising 2. We are playing on the PC (games for windows live) and using the Xbox 360 controller. We are playing on full graphics at 1080p with 60fps, we have studio quality microphones and we have a very low ping. We also have SSDs to negate the ridiculous load times that plague the consoles. We also pwn. Pretty much a perfect set up for an LP. We have not played DR2 before (I played case zero years ago), but are veterans from the first game. We have everything we need to make an awesome LP/playthrough, anyway. More to come soon. Enjoy. www.youtube.com My playlist for the series www.youtube.com Cosmic’s Channel ———————— be among the first to like my new facebook page. www.facebook.com and subscribe for more www.youtube.com
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