Question by : Can anyone recommend at good baseball betting system?
Would love to make some money this season, but never had much luck going with my gut. Does anyone know of a good baseball betting system that is actually legit? There is a lot of stuff out there but i’d prefer to get follow something that people have had success with.

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Answer by Better Tournament
Pick the team that has the better starter scheduled to pitch.

Pitching and defense, over the course of the season, will trump hitting in the long term.

If you really know what you are doing, take injuries into account, and teams that are loaded with left-handed hitters, who will fare worse against left-handed pitchers.

This method is only reliable about 60% of the time, errors can change the course of a game. Bad base-running, poor management decisions, a surprising rally, or an atypical outing can all change the outcome of a game, all happen routinely but unpredictably, and are a part of the game.

Gambling on baseball is not like gambling on football, where the “better” team wins 90% of the time. If that were the case, a .600 win pct. would be terrible, but in reality, .600 makes you a contender.

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