Question by BigJoe: Gamblers who had bets against Margacheato?
How did you get your money back when we learned Margarito is a cheater and supposedly didn’t know his trainer wrapped his hands like that? Luckily, I’ve never betted money against Margacheato. I only made one bet on boxing and its when I made a bet that Juan Diaz would stop Julio Diaz and Juan Diaz won me a little over 1 grand. So, who does the betters go to, to get their money that margacheato unrightfully stole form them?

Do they do it the Italian Mafia way and break Margacheato’s leg and tell him to pay up? Or did the betting places give peoples money back when we learned Margacheato didn’t know thats how his trainer wrapped his hands?
A 1 year ban for all the people Margacheato screwed in boxing and now he gets a gorgeous pay-day against p4p 1 Manny freaking Pacquiao.

Best answer:

I lost vs Mosley….

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