Question by FOOT WORK: Guys you better not over look this Brian Maggee guy Bute is fighting tonight?
This Maggee guy gave Carl Froch a very good fight before Froch knocked him out. Froch is the only name guy on his record but he really roughed Carl up and for you guys thinking Bute is taking a easy fight, this guy can prove you wrong. I still think he loses but I wont be surprised by a upset.

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Answer by Eddie F
I watched some footage of Brian Mcggee today – Its impressive.

The bookmakers have him at 7/1 against…. that’s very generous odds…..

The man doesn’t lack heart or courage….. that gives him a punchers chance.

You are probably right… Bute will win the fight… but it won’t be easy going, he’ll have to work for his pay check tonight.

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