Question by Gregory: How do I stop the Casino mob sending countless emails about betting?
I have never placed bets on anything in my life.I am not interested at all.It annoys me that even Yahoo can’t stop them pestering me,sometimes 12 times a day.

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Answer by pdq
Is this the ONLY spam you’re getting? It sounds like you’re pretty lucky if this is the only spam you get!

Spam is spam. The longer you own any particular e-mail address, the more spam you will ultimately get. Just keep adding these people to your “Blocked Sender” list. It really makes no difference what the spam is about. I get crap about Viagra, Dating, buying cars, buying insurance, gambling crap, making money schemes, scams about how I’ve won money……the list goes on and on.

One bit of advice I can give you regarding spam – DO NOT click on the thing at the bottom that says, “Take me off your mailing list”. If it’s unwanted SPAM, and you click on the button that says to remove you from their list, you will get added to about 10 more spammers’ lists!

Again – spam is spam. The fact that this particular spam is about gambling is completely irrelevant. Just treat it like any other spam you get. Send it to your spam folder, and hopefully you’re using spam software that will quickly learn what mail is spam and what mail is not.

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