Question by TheRealCP1341: How does a bet work and what are the others ways to do a bet?
for example. lets say the saints and the colts make it back to the superbowl this year. lets say 10 people are in this pool. each person bets dollars each. 9 people vote for the colts to win and 1 person votes for the saints to win. if the colts won, does that 1 person who voted for the saints pay those 9 people or do they all split up that . what happens if the saints won too?

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Answer by Eric
this way of betting is completely stupid. If you’re going to bet you go to a sports book and lay down money against the spread.

If you’re going to do a bet with say 10 people you won’t do it based on who wins because it’s pointless. You’d do it based on the final score. Meaning everyone gets a number 0-9 and say the final score is 31-20 Colts. Add the final digits (1+0), the person with #1 would win. But i’d stick to betting against the spread…more fun.

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