Question by Awesome Girl: How to get in a bet in which I’ve to dress up like a girl when I lose?
I want to bet with my girlfriend with something and lose so I’ve to dress like a girl. But how to make such a bet without her thinking I wanted to lose with this bet.
It’s no spam!!!

Best answer:

Answer by SandraLAVixen
The asker has hundreds fake profiles on this site and has been posting the same type of spam every day for the past 4 years. If you type “bet lost”, “sexist dress bet”, or “lost girl bet” on the search bar for this site you can see the history and trail of this spam.

It’s unknown about the intent of the spam (for sex, money, propaganda, etc).

If anyone has received contact from this person, please let us know what his intention is.

Please report the asker, thank you.

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