Question by ALBANIAN MAFIA: Is a good sportsbetting website.?
Ok i have heard all the crazy stories about this website.. i have made 2 deposites of 100$ and lost it all on sport bets. Anyway i just want to hear from people who use this site and what they think about it? When you win a big bet a ask for a payout do u get it or do you have problems getting your money.. I dont know if i should stay with betus or not give me some advice thanks.

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Answer by PepperAnn
I have not played at BETUS but I have played at Intertops which can be found here
I like Intertops because they ALWAYS pay, they were the first ever online site to take a bet, they are secure and they are trusted.
They have a sportsbook, casino and poker and they are a very reputable site. I would recommend you give them a try because I think you might like them.
Sorry I can give you any help with betus but I can only recommend places I have personally played at and know of other who had good experiences too.

Good luck 🙂

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