Question by =/: What exactly was the law passed a few years ago, pertaining to Financial Institutions funding Online Gambling?
So, what exactly does it do, and how do people get around it?

Also, on the note of Online Gambling, is the age to gamble in an online casino the same age to gamble in a casino in the state you live in? Or is it just 18 no matter where you live in the U.S.?

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Answer by mr.longshot
The laws have been changing constantly.. Don’t know exactly what law passed then .. but about 4 months ago no one from the U.S can deposit money on an online gambling account using a credit card. Pre-paid or on Your bank.. Expect more changes.. Why the heck they just don’t let Nevada do on line gambling also is beyond me… PokerStars made just short of One Million dollars a day last year.. That’s going to Porto Rico

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