Question by Dr. House f@rted.: What should i do if i feel that i’m developing a gambling problem?
I already know that i have an addictive personality. I’m an drug addict in recovery. I’ve been clean for over 5 years. But i’m starting to think that i may be developing a gambling problem. Lately i’ve been playing the pokies whenever bored and before i know it i’ve lost 0 when i was only intending to put in.
Should i be seeking help?

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Answer by Jojo
yes its so possible. just talk to someone close to you and let them know so they can keep an eye on you. things can get really really bad, you cud lose 10times more money gambling than what we could taking drugs. my bf lost our life savings of 11grand! im trying to help him through it now, i look after his accounts, he seems much happier and less stressed now he’s not got this problem anymore. i had a problem with weed. and i like to do it ever now and then so we made a deal when i have £10 of weed he can have a £10 bet its not often but it stops us hiding things from each other.

sorry went on one there. no be careful sweetie, try and focus your life on something positive, like doing your car up, exercising to get dead fit, art, decorating, learning new things, i dont know something good.

good luck, dont forget to talk to someone about it ok.

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