Question by Mike the Queen and Arsenal fan: Why can’t Ronaldinho and Ribery get some dental work done?
The both of them have some of the highest paychecks in Europe and im pretty sure they can throw a dentist appointment into their schedule so why do they still have grimy @ss, crooked teeth?
They don’t need braces, they can just get their teeth surgically straightened.
@ Kevin chick- Well, I don’t really like looking at the hideous bear traps that they have behind their lips. It’s not very pleasing to the eye… Or at least my eyes, I don’t know what you like.

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Answer by Bella
It’s their trademark =D

@roby- sometimes things like that (negative or not), after having it for so long, it just becomes a part of who you are and your experiences. He doesn’t want to be remembered by a burn incident, he just wants to be remembered for who he is, maybe he’s comfortable in his own skin and doesn’t wish to change it cuz it would be like changing a part of himself. That’s just my opinion though and that’s what his quote sort of implies.

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